Citiair knows São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and at first glance, São Paulo is a city of skyscrapers, but explore deeper and you will discover a city with a lot of heart and soul. Book your flights to São Paulo and discover the delightful range of cultural experiences available in Brazil's largest metropolis. Visit the Italian neighborhood of Bela Vista for its pizzerias, cafes, bars and restaurants. Sao Paulo has the largest concentration of Japanese immigrants outside Japan. Visit the Japanese district of Liberdade and try its many tofu houses and sushi restaurants.

During Christmas, most of the buildings are decorated with lights, making it a great time to visit and book flights to Sao Paulo. São Paulo is located on the tropic of Capricorn; its weather is mostly warm all year around, with a rainy season from December to March. Many visitors book their flights to Sao Paulo for the annual Formula 1 race in the city’s historic racing track. Brazilians are huge fans of motorsports, with many world famous Brazilian drivers racing all over the world. Discover this most exciting city in South America when you book flights to Sao Paulo on Citiair.

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