Citiair knows Kingston

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and its largest city. Travelers booking flights to Kingston usually head directly to the beach resorts on the north of the island, but the city offers many unique opportunities to appreciate the culture and history of Jamaica. Don’t miss the ruins of Port Royal; the island’s original settlement, popular with pirates and buccaneers. Explore Port Royal’s ruins and its museum dedicated to the golden age of “Pirates in the Caribbean”.

Kingston is also the epicenter of Jamaican music. Many nightclubs in town showcase local reggae and dance groups. Another great reason for booking flights to Kingston is the local food. Try jerk chicken from a roadside shack (very traditional). Jamaican hot sauces are a must, especially the ones made with Scotch Bonnet peppers (spicy!) Other must see attractions include the Bob Marley Museum, the National Gallery of Jamaica, Devon House (a beautifully preserved 19th century mansion), Hope Botanical Gardens (the Largest Botanical Garden in the Caribbean) and the Arawak Museum. Jamaica’s Blue Coffee is world famous, so a day trip to a coffee plantation is a must. Discover the most rhythmical island in the Caribbean, when you book flights to Kingston, Jamaica.

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