Citiair knows Jordan

Jordan was named after the famed river which flows from its northern tip, along its western border and into the Dead Sea. Situated at the junction of three continents, Jordan has developed in recent decades into a modern country that integrates ancient heritage and Middle Eastern hospitality with high standards of education and advanced communication technology. Jordan presents an ideal gateway to the Middle East and the rest of the world. It shares borders with five countries, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia ,Israel and the Palestine National Authority . The multi- border characteristic of Jordan reinforces its accessibility. The Kingdom’s terrain extends to approximately 90,000, providing a diverse range of landscapes.

The country shares with its neighbors the climate of the Eastern Mediterranean. Amman, the capital of Jordan enjoys sunny, cloudless weather from May to early November, with warm days and cool evenings. Rain falls regularly between late November and early April, while Aqaba and the Jordan Valley are frequented winter resorts. Jordan’s population of five and a half million is made up of a mixture of Muslims and Christians. Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken.

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