Citiair knows Caracas

Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela. Book flights to Caracas and use it as your entry point to the amazing adventures Venezuela has to offer: Tropical Caribbean beaches and islands, the tallest waterfall in the world, glacial Andean peaks, deep Amazon jungle, and a sophisticated world class capital. When booking a flight to Caracas you will discover a city of skyscrapers, gleaming shopping malls, quaint Spanish colonial plazas, great nightlife and world class restaurants.

When you book flights to Caracas you must start your day with a traditional Arepa , a corn meal pastry filled with cheese or meats. Caracas is also known for its great steak restaurants, the meat is cooked in large outdoor grills called “parrilla”. When booking flights to Caracas remember that Spanish is the local language, but English is widely spoken in the tourist areas. Visitors booking flights to Caracas will want to visit its colonial core. Another great reason to book flights to Caracas is to enjoy its world class cultural offerings: The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bellas Artes Gallery, the National Symphony, the Colonial Art museum and the Central University (A UNESCO World Heritage site). Find your flights to Caracas on Citiair and explore this vibrant capital in South America.

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